Community Association Law

Community Association Law is a complicated area of law governed by state and federal statutes, state and federal court cases, Florida administrative decisions and the association’s governing documents. The boards and officers of community associations have both legal and administrative obligations which if not handled properly can lead to serious financial liability. Operating a community association with unit owners of diverse backgrounds and geographical orientations can be challenging.

Community Association Law

Rossin & Burr assists Community Associations in all aspects of association governance, both legal and strategic. This includes, but is not limited to, document amendments and rewrites, document and rule enforcement, assessment collections, contracts of all type, both commercial and other litigation, maintenance and repair matters, insurance matters, strategic planning, and association elections and meetings.

Experience In Community Association Law

Allen Rossin and Robert Burr bring more than 35 years of combined experience representing all types of community associations, and because of their community association law expertise and extensive civil trial experience, are uniquely qualified to assist associations both legally and strategically.

An association greatly benefits from using a law firm that focuses on community associations. The extensive experience and focus on association law of the Rossin & Burr law firm assures its clients that they are receiving advice based on both historical knowledge of the law and the latest and up-to-date changes in the law. Because of this experience, the law firm is frequently able to give clients quick answers to legal questions without having to spend extensive time researching a matter. Perhaps even more importantly, clients receive advice which many times anticipates disputes or problems before they arise, thus avoiding expensive litigation or arbitration.

Maintaining a Peaceful, Cooperative Community

Because of the strong feelings that most people attach to decisions made about their home, the Boards of community associations can be put in difficult situations when an association’s recorded documents and/or Florida Statutes require decisions that some member owners may find irritating. Experience is required when an association attorney interacts with the board and association members. Allen Rossin and Robert Burr with their many years of handling and resolving community association disputes pride themselves on their expertise in avoiding problems before they occur, thus minimizing ill feelings and potential litigation.

Community Association Disputes

When disputes cannot be amicably resolved, due to the experience of Rossin & Burr both in community association law and civil trial practice, the law firm will represent their clients in any litigation.

These disputes may involve interpretation or enforcement of the association’s governing documents, defense of officers and directors, vendor matters, and issues involving association managed and owned property. Each dispute is fully evaluated taking into consideration the community’s needs in order to meet the individual client’s objectives and goals.

Communication with the Association Board

A common problem between attorneys and clients is the failure of attorneys to effectively communicate with their clients in a timely and responsive manner. Rossin & Burr timely returns all phone calls and responds to questions in a timely and understandable manner. This is particularly important in association law since many inquiries need prompt resolution in order to avoid escalating board and owner conflict. In addition, regular, periodic communication is made on all pending legal matters. To ensure clear and timely communication, it is preferable that only one or two Board members be authorized to communicate with the firm.